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Angels Daycare songs
I did my eyebrows 6 weeks ago and it look amazing!
She did excellent jab. I recommend everyone to come here!
Kylen Sahin
Kylen Sahin
I came in to see Mimi and she did an amazing job on my brows! I will recommend her to all my friends. The experience was great and she made me feel comfortable throughout the process. I will be coming back for more services for sure!
Karla Aviles
Karla Aviles
All ways very happy with the good service excellent result I brought my mom and sister .. we love our results ....100%
Ty Ty
Ty Ty
I came for my touch up today and i just say that I LOVE MY BROWS!!!! Mimi is always professional and understanding of what her client wants I would HIGHLY recommend her!!! Give her a call she'll make you more beautiful than you are!!!
Marina Daragan
Marina Daragan
Great service! I am getting so many compliments on my eyebrows. Highly recommend!
F. Javier Arze
F. Javier Arze
Mimi did an excellent job. Everyone asks me what I did to my eyebrows. Looks so natural. Very Happy!!
Rebecca Yi
Rebecca Yi
I can't express how much I love this place! So refreshing to find an affordable place for laser hair removal and staff who clearly want the best for you. As a person who is fair skinned I can say it is PAINLESS! I've been to other expensive places before only to experience being burned and painful procedures because of my complexion. The results from bared monkey speak for themselves. I am virtually hairless :)
Summer Ansonmedeal Bionte
Summer Ansonmedeal Bionte
Excellent service, Mimi is a true artist always bringing out the natural best in her clients. I trust her more than i trust myself. My recommendation is to tell Mimi to do what she thinks is best. You will not be disappointed. Make you appointment today, you deserve it.
anouck lacroix
anouck lacroix
I knew Mimi would be amazing after the first phone call I received from her. She asks all the right questions to make sure you get exactly what you're expecting. We played around with different shapes, she does a lot of measuring and comparing, trial and error before we do anything permanent. I felt really comfortable with letting her take the wheel, and I've never felt happier about my brows! Follow her after care directions and you wont be disappointed! You can tell she puts a lot of thought and practice into her art. I'll be moving out of the area but I will be making a special trip for my touch ups! Shes that good!
Jessica Zavala
Jessica Zavalax
Went to Mimi she is awesome !!!!! Love her work. Thank You again !!!!
Chasity Gatson
Chasity Gatson
Updating my previous review, Mimi is amazing I went thicker for my touch up and I feel/ look like a million bucks baby!
Blanca P.
Falls Church, VA
Mimi is Amazing! she is professional and makes your experience pleasant. I known Mimi over Twenty Three Years. Mimi is extremely knowledgeable on 3D Microbladding. Mimi explain the process and the procedure thoroughly. Mimi keeps the cost down and works well with clients on different payments plans. Mimi has different payments method and Mimi goes over the cost and keep her prices at a low cost. Mimi is well known in the Community. Mimi treats each customer with dignity and respect.
Susan L.
Arlington, VA
Excellent service and skills! Mimi gave me the eyebrows I always wanted. She sought my honest feedback and expectations before beginning. All instruments were sterile and one time use for each client.
Tammy B.
Manassas, VA
I sooo love my new brows I should've dont this years ago! Mimi is experienced and did a great job my brows for a reasonable investment I highly recommend her. Everybody that's somebody has this done look at everyone on tv and that should tell you. If you can go thru the process of the healing which is 10 day s and complete the touch up it's the best investment in yourself that you could ever do. Your brows are the crown of your beautiful face, make sure to look at before and after!
Erin C.
Arlington, VA
I don't leave many Yelp reviews, but I just had to share the amazing experience that I had with Mimi yesterday. She got the process started earlier than my appointment slot, which was great! The first question she asked me was what I wanted my eyebrows to look like, so I knew right away she cared about my experience and she assured me that they were going to look natural and fit my face like I wanted. I was so relieved to hear that because I truly did not want it to look like I had my eyebrows "done" or to be too dramatic. She could tell I was a little nervous and kept talking to me throughout the process and explained all the aftercare procedures and follow up appointment details wonderfully. I did not experience any pain - and I am a baby when it comes to any pain. It is a very different experience because you have little feeling in your eyebrows, but you can feel the pressure of the Microblading. The process goes by so quickly though, so it didn't bother me at all.
You can tell that Mimi truly loves what she does. I kept telling her how thrilled and excited I was with how my eyebrows looked afterwards and I think she was almost more excited FOR me. I still just cannot get over how my face and eyes are immediately more defined and I'm only in Day 2 of healing. Mimi is a true master and I'd recommend her to anyone who is on the fence about microblading because you will leave feeling your absolute best.
Thi Bich Ngan P.
San Francisco, CA
Wow. I love this place.
I actually did not have a good eyebrow shape. I saw my co-worker with her gorgeous, she recommended me too come here. Now I feel so confident with new eyebrows.
Karen S.
Waldorf, MD
Mimi is AMAZING! She is professional and makes your experience pleasant. She has many years of experience and is extremely knowledgeable about Microblading. My brows look so natural! I had them done 3 wks ago, all the scabbing has come off and they're fully healed. She thoroughly explains the process of the procedure and the healing process. She keeps it real and I love HER!! Waking up, not having to draw on brows cuts so much time off my morning routine. Scheduling a 4 wk touch up for next week!
Megan P.
Washington, DC
I went to see Mimi for my first Microblading session. I was nervous but she answered all of my questions and put me at ease. She definitely knows what she's doing. I'm happy with the results so far and I'm excited to go back for a touch-up in the coming week. I'd recommend Mimi for any first-timers or veteran microbladers.
Maria R.
Sonoita, AZ
Mimi was awesome. I called and she got me in the same day. Excellent service. I love my eyebrows and price is right. I'm going back for a touch up at the end of the month.
Stewart F.
Sonoita, AZ
Love my eyebrows!! Amazing job! I get a lot of compliments! They look so natural and the shape and color is perfect! MiMi is the best! A true artist!
Chong G.
Montgomery, AL
I was skeptical with Microblading but I did my research & read reviews about Mimi and decided to do it.

I struggled with my eyebrows. I used so many products to let it grow & when it did, I just can't keep up with it.

I like my eyebrows now. I still have to go back for a touch up but I'm very satisfied. I will say this, you have to trust the process. At first I thought it was too blocky & I was getting scared but after 10 days my eyebrows looks so good. I will post another picture after my second session.

Mimi is sweet & she honestly know what she's doing.

I'd give it a 5 star after my last session to see its final look. The best part of having Microblading is I don't spend so much time getting myself together in the morning. It always looks good & natural.

Thanks Mimi
Crystal A.
Owings, MD
Mimi is absolutely phenomenal. My mother had a botched eyebrow tattoo that turned "red" but Mimi did an outstanding job covering it up and making it look flawless. There's none better!
Corrine M.
Washington, DC
I love the initial results of my 1st microblading session! I'm now in week 4 and my brows look lovely. I like that I can run errands or even go grab drinks without thinking about putting on a full face of makeup. These new brows automatically make me look more "put together" lol.

The overall experience was easy - Mimi was very flexible about scheduling or rescheduling, if needed. I found the salon with no issues (bonus: lots of parking is available in their lot) and was immediately serviced upon arrival. I'll admit that the procedure itself was a bit more painful than I expected, but I'm sure you can ask for longer numbing, if needed.

For the healing, it was mostly fine, except that keeping your brows dry in the summer is impossible! I did the best I could though and during week 2, got the flaking and scabbing as anticipated. They looked absolutely crazy for 36-48 hours, but started looking better and better afterwards.

Now, I'm just waiting for my much-anticipated follow-up appointment to make my brows a bit thicker and fill in a couple of areas where the pigment isn't as dark as the rest. They still look great though!
Dani L.
Springfield, VA
I have never taken to yelp to write a review before but I was so pleased with my microblading I had to make sure everyone knew! Mimi did an amazing job on my eyebrows!!! She was so sweet and so professional, and she made my nonexistent eyebrows FLAWLESS. I was even getting compliments on them fresh out of the appointment and was able to pass her card along to someone else who was interested!
Sarah K.
Mechanicsville, VA
Let me start off by saying that Mimi is a real sweetheart. This was my first time getting microblading and was very nervous but she took care of me and her work is amazing! I live pretty far (almost 2 hrs without traffic) but it was worth it and I will continue to come back to Mimi. I highly recommend her to everyone who wants beautiful, no-fuss eyebrows.

Tip: The store sign says Hairstyles L.A. Nails not Arlington Nova Laser. Just go inside and head to the back and she has her own rooms.
Claudia E.
Washington, DC
I'm in love with my new eyebrows! Mimi did such an awesome job and I cant thank her enough. I'm trying to get use to not having to get up every morning to draw my eyebrows on. I love that she takes her time and doesnt try to rush to get the next customer in. I called her the day of my appointment asking if I could come earlier and she said no, because she had a client and she doesnt rush her work. I really admire that,it shows she takes pride in her work. Definitely a true artist. It's only been about 4 days and they seem to be healing nicely. There is some minor scabbing, but is not bad. I go for my touch up in 6 weeks.
Andrea D.
Gainesville, FL
I got my eyebrows microbladed by Mimi and she did an amazing job! I went for my initial appointment, came back for a follow up appointment (as is always needed), and came back again for a minor follow up on just the tail of one brow. My brows are now perfect! They are well shaped, well defined, and natural looking--perfect for my face. Mimi is skilled at what she does. 7 weeks from my initial appointment and I couldn't be any happier with the result. I fully recommend coming to Mimi if you're interested in microblading. Also, Mimi is a sweetheart, so fun to work with.
Betzy S.
Centreville, VA
Disregard any negative reviews on Mimi's microblading, she's the best in the DMV with over 23 years of experience! Let me start of by saying, If you're going to get this procedure, please do your research and UNDERSTAND that a 6 week retouch is highly recommended so your brows will be on fleek for much longer. Same shit goes for a brunette dying her hair platinum blonde....if you don't go in for a retouch... you are going to look a little foolish! Only difference here Is with the retouch, you are guaranteed a couple of YEARS with perfect eyebrows so definately all worth it, every penny. Just thinking about the amount I will save on brow products and the TIME I'll save sitting in my car struggling and hoping I'm doing them even is priceless! She is patient, kind, professional and makes sure you are satisfied with your results! Even on my visit today, she stayed over store hours and went above and beyond until I was completely satisfied with my brows. Never did I felt rushed although it was past over store hours. I've been a client of L.A Nails for 11 years now and I finally saved up enough to be able to fix my eyebrows. They were uneven from prior waxes that I got a different salon and I was very insecure about a couple spots in my eyebrow that looked bare. Mimi did not only even out my eyebrows. And filled in the bare spots, but completely restored my faith in my eyebrows. Im definately throwing away my Anastasia brow kit because I won't need it any more. Overall great customer service. I can't wait to come in for my retouch in 6 weeks :D and honestly... you can't beat that price. Other facilities charge up to $500 for the first visit and then recommend a touch up for $250. That's $750!!!!!!!! Minus the tips!!! So save your money and book an appt. with her cuz I don't regret it
Mercy S.
Cambria Heights, NY
I am an eyebrow lover! I looked at all the reviews before going to and wasn't disappoited. she did numb my brows first which probablky took a lot of the pain out. my brows have peeled off but i still need my touch up i will post pictures then!
Ingar C.
Falls Church, VA
I have beautiful eyebrows now...Thank you Mimi for doing such an excellent job. They look so natural. I am so glad I went to her. She explained every step of the process to make me feel at ease.
She even fixed previous tattoo mistakes. My eyebrows are no longer angry. LOL. Thank you for a great experience.
Shonda C.
Bethesda, MD
OK, so let me first say that I walked in ready for Mimi to work her magic! I let my eyebrows grow out for months. Although they grew in pretty thick, thre were some skimpy areas. Oh yeah this is for the microblading service. The first thing they do is wax the brows and give it a nice shape. I was loving my brows just after the the wax. Then Mimi did her thing!!! I absolutely love my eyebrows for the first time in years. They look wonderful!! The shape she gave is so natural and frames my face perfectly. I highly recommend Mimi for your microblading.
Maria O.
Arlington, VA
I got both microblading and eyelash extensions done. You first numb your eyebrows with cream for about 20-25 minutes, and I also got my eyebrows waxed to clean them up so Mimi was better able to shape my eyebrows. Mimi then draws the eyebrow shape and listens to what you want before microblading. Mimi was very experienced and very sweet, and I entrusted everything to her. She drew the perfect shape based on my natural eyebrow and eye shape, and selected the right shade, a brown/black so it wouldn't be too dark. She also explained the process to me. You can't wet your eyebrows for about 12 days, during which they'll scab over and may appear light, but the pigmentation will return. You then have to come back to get microbladed again in 6 weeks (additional cost) so the ink will become more permanent (about 2-3 years). Before she begins, she shows you that the blade is new and opens the package in front of you. It still hurts some with the numbing cream but is bearable, and it lasts about 30-40 minutes. It looks really dark at first, but i've had it for a week now with some of the scabs coming off, and it looks great underneath. Mimi made the beginning of my eyebrows look like they are natural hairs when she shaped them!

I didn't catch the name of the woman who did my eyelash extensions (she had the cutest little son), but she did a phenomenal job and was so sweet like Mimi. I had cluster mink lashes before that were glued to multiple lashes and were uncomfortable (if I squeezed my eyes shut they would hurt like it was pulling my natural lashes), but here they glue them onto your individual lashes and it feels so much more comfortable. The lashes they use also look so natural, and she even clipped the lashes to adjust to your eyes.

Even though it's in a nail salon and not the most luxurious of places, this place is a real gem with unbeatable prices, great service, and results that look natural and fantastic! I'm so happy with how my eyebrows and eyelashes look and will be coming here from now on! Thank you!!!
Reina P.
Arlington, VA
I had contemplated the decision to try microblading for a while and all I can is I wish I had done it earlier! I'm obsessed with my new set of eyebrows. The price was reasonable and the service was beyond amazing. Mimi put all doubts and fears at ease and made me feel comfortable through the whole process. The five stars are well deserved! Looking forward to my next session for touch up.

P.s didn't really get a before photo but think Voldemort eyebrows before this after photo.
Meggie T.
Fort Washington, MD
Mimi listens patiently to arch my brows to my satisfaction. Mimi definitely know how to make my brows look the best and she did a good job covering up my faded tattooed eyebrows. The six weeks follow up was very much needed to make sure both of my eyebrows are perfect!
Naomi G.
Arlington, VA
I have been seeking to microblade my eyebrows and searched for so many places and I finally found Mimi. I have just got done my eyebrows by her and i love it.
Right after microblade, eyebrows looks lil but darker but after about a week the color shades away and you will get the natural look that you wanted. Touch up is after 6 weeks.
RDefinitely recommend Mimi and she is the sweetest and professional.
Nancy L.
Fort Washington, MD
After reading all the positive feedback about Mimi, I had to see what all the talk was about! Mimi microbladed my eyebrows and it was a good experience. She is professional and very friendly. She provides excellent customer service and explains the process step by step.
Christa M.
Highland Village, Houston, TX
I love my eyebrows, they are seriously perfect!!! Mimi is great, very confident, but will listen to what you want and explain what she thinks is best and why. She is very accommodating, friendly and professional. After the first session there were a few spots I wanted to add to, but I just got my touch up and everything is perfect!!! I'm recommending her to all my friends.
Raney K.
Fort Washington, MD
Mimi is a miracle worker! I never thought I'd be able to have nice arched eyebrows but she made it happen. She drew my brows to see what looked good on me and confirmed with me to make sure I liked how they looked. She definitely knows her stuff and I'm so happy with the end result! I've got lots of compliments already and I'm referring all of my friends and family to go to Mimi :)
Parisa S.
Arlington, VA
I had an amazing experience yet again! I usually come to get my nails done at the salon. But when they opened Arlington NOVA Laser I had to try it out. I used to have severe acne but with their acne laser treatment I cant believe how my skin has transformed!! I got my microblading done. And my eyebrows are finally full. They look so natural, Mimi listens to exactly what you want and makes your vision x10s better!
Sathia M.
Alexandria, VA
Mimi is fantastic. I was pretty nervous about getting microblading done but she put me at ease. I did my homework prior to the procedure so I knew what to expect and asked all the right questions. She worked with me on the initial design and midway through. I am very satisfied with the results. I highly recommend her services. This photo was taken a day after. It'll look less intense after two weeks.
Catherine G.
Fairfax Station, VA
I first heard about Mimi after noticing one of my girlfriends gorgeous brows! After she told me she had them microbladed and seeing how incredible they looked, I was sold. I immediately booked an appointment for my sister and I to get our brows done by Mimi.

My sister and I had a blast hanging out with Mimi and getting our brows done. Mimi is truly an artist who knows exactly how to create the perfect brow for each client. She began by free hand drawing our brows until we had the exact shape we loved. As blondes...we were a little apprehensive as we did not want them to be too dramatic. She knew exactly how to give us a natural flawless look. The process was not painful at all and took about an hour each.

The healing process was much faster than expected. After three days my brows began peeling/scabbing. The peeling process lasted two full days. It has been one week since my appointment and my photos speak for themselves. I could not be more satisfied with the experience and can't recommend Mimi enough to everyone I know. Save yourself time and money buying products to do your brows everyday and go get them microbladed by Mimi!!
Flora F.
Washington, DC
Amazing experience on 3D Microblading with Mimi. She is very thoughtful and considerate, very professional. She works with me constantly on what I want and what's the best. My hair is thin and fine, which I only want a nature look eyebrows for now. She even sent some pictures as examples ahead of time before the session. She gives me very detailed instruction on after care which is very important if you wanna your eyebrows last! Overall I'm very pleased.
Oh, another note, price was reasonable as well, I got a voucher elsewhere, but turns out, if you just call her, she will take care that. I'm very excited to see the final result (she said will be about 1 month later.) Highly recommended, call her now~
Beth V.
Lansdowne, PA
I've been waiting so long to have perfect eyebrows... And my prayers were answered!! I found Mimi @ ARLINGTON NOVA LASER .. now not only do I have fabulous eye brows but I have a friend for life!! Mimi is wonderful, She is patient and thorough. Ladies, you know you want to have great Brows.... You are worth it!! Just Do It!! Don't we all love to be pampered??
Myra T.
Silver Spring, MD
I had my eyebrows microbladed today by Mimi. I had contemplated the idea for quite a while now as I have very thin baby hair like eyebrows and scattered patches that just stopped growing hair within the past year or so. I am so happy with how Mimi took care of me and accomplished such a beautiful natural look. I am extremely happy with the results and I am bringing my mom in next week for her first session, as she was just as amazed as I was with the results. I will highly recommend Mimi to all my friends and family.
My N.
Tampa, FL
I had Mimi do my eyebrows, and then my moms. I gave her the exact shape I wanted (since her style seems to be different than mine) and gave her feedback along the process. It's been about two months since I've first gotten them done and I love the way they faded out to a more natural look. Ive always had eyebrows but just needed them extended.

PS for ease of finding this place, its in the nail shop in the plaza.
Wendy M.
Fairfax, VA
Mimi does an excellent job at achieving a natural look with her microblading technique! I had mine done a little over a week ago and see that I'll need touch ups but that's to be expected. Now the process can be a bit alarming if you don't know what to expect. My brows were really dark at first and I was worried they would stay that way, but after a few days it faded and scabs started to come off revealing the pigment dye. They're a little flaky now but I'm curious to see how they'll be when completely healed. I've read that the color can darken during this time which I would prefer as they're almost too light now. I'll definitely return to Mimi to do my touch ups!
Kay J.
Washington, DC
Mimi works miracles that others can't. Tried eyeliner tattoo a few years ago and it lasted 48 hours. The doctor told me my upper lid skin was a bit loose so it might not work but the technician just really did a lousy job. So when I told Mimi, she said never mind, leave it up to her and it worked perfectly. She also did microblading on my brows because it didn't last at all with the previous person.
I am so relieved to meet someone so talented and dependable and excellent prices, and her darling personality made me feel very comfortable. I recommend her to everyone ! Thanks, Mimi!
Ana I.
Fairfax, VA
I had a wonderful experience with Mimi. She made me feel extremely comfortable and I was able to gain her trust as soon as I saw how passionate she was about her work. Mimi knew within minutes of seeing me what eyebrow shape would look best for my face shape. Her strokes were gentle, painless and overall very natural. She offered to let me keep the mirror right by my side so I could see the process step by step. My eyebrows look amazing! I am incredibly happy with my results :)
L C.
Upper Marlboro, MD
I can't say enough about Mimi and my microblading experience. She provides you with a thorough understanding of the process before she starts. She was concerned about my comfort and very accommodating. We worked together to determine the shape and style of my brow. We laughed and I felt like part of her family. There is so much talent wrapped up in her. I can't wait to see her again for my laser treatment. Mimi is the ultimate professional and a woman of many talents. Try her. You won't be disappointed.
Hannah D.
Ambler, PA
MIMI IS AMAZING! If you are thinking about getting microblading done to your eyebrows DO IT and go to Mimi! She was so professional and made sure that I was comfortable the whole time. The room she does it in is in a nail salon called LA Nails. The room is 100% clean and comfortable. Mimi made me love my brows and she is the best deal you will find in this area! Highly recommended!